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If you are browsing this website, you must be looking for our services, excellence or just curious. I’m glad you are here. It is our goal to provide the services that will support your projects. From Fuel Distribution, Supply Chain or creating training’s (virtual or in Person).We are a nationwide certified company. Our headquarters are in Florida and we deliver products to hospitals, construction and Energy companies.

Our products are made with American inspections and we pride ourself on preserving our planet, green resources and no animal cruelty.

All of our subject matter experts are “Always in Service”.

“We envision winning services for our clients through integrity and modern transparency.”

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Fuel Distribution

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Supply Chain

We are a certified supplier. Through the pandemic we deliver millions of disposable nitrate gloves, Isolation and sterile surgical gowns. Vivid Consulting also supplies safety gear for construction and the energy sector.


We have been training since 2015. Some of the training's that we have created are for executive teams on mind shifting, diversity and Inclusion, subject specific with our subject matter experts.


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