“Live by design -not by default.”

How to Engage: By building Relationships

How to engage: by building relationships. How you may ask? Connecting from one human to another. It doesn’t matter where you come from or your cultural beliefs. Listening strategically (what do we have in common, family, foods, children, places, hobbies, charities) all of these are things that connect us one way or another. People all around the world love and want to be loved, and heard. With that premise, everyone you know is part of the puzzle of your life and you are part of theirs. These are principles. Whatever you tell yourself is your gift; the universe will prove it to you. I was once at the Miami airport, reading a book about living in mastery when someone asked me, what I did for living? I responded: I help people connect. I had just finished speaking the words when an African lady, approached me in her native language to ask me to let her use my phone to call someone in Miami. As I gave her my phone, she gave it back and showed me a paper with a number. I figured that she wanted me to dial it. It was a Miami area code. I dialed and a male with a heavy accent answered the phone. I described the situation and it turned out that he was a relative of the lady. He asked me to please tell him wich gate we were at and to keep the lady next to me. As I handed the phone to her, they spoke in their native language and eventually he showed up and picked her up. The person who asked me about 20 minutes prior, what I did for living said “I see what you do.” I had declared that for so many years. As I came to this country my motto has always been “Always in Service.” It has attracted many needy takers and givers in my life.  The secret to how to know who are the takers and who are the givers? In a perfect world everyone wants to give and cooperate (NOT). Nevertheless, what if I knew that the source of my giving is abundant and never stops (Hmm)?

How do I play a: “Win Win” game in life?

How do I play a: “Win Win” game in life. By working rigorously and passionate in my own balance. I believe that we can have it all if we Love everything and are attaching to nothing.  As we built our families (immediate and remote).  We show them love and remember to show ourselves love as well. Something as simple as cooking what they like and what you like. I remember when I had my self-love awakening. I was at the grocery store with the family, and I always buy everyone’s favorite cheese. My daughter love’s Gouda, my son Munster, but I wondered if I remember my favorite cheese. I had put myself on the back of the back burner for so long that I forgot. I stopped and asked them if they knew what my favorite cheese was? I was upset with myself for allowing 17 years of that self-denial that then I called love. Today, I buy my “favorite cheese,” Havarti with dill -yum yum. As we experience people and places we can learn to give and have. Contrary to the Olympics concept, everyone can have a medal. If we consider treating others as I would like to be treated we can create a “Win-Win” attitude and ways of being. 

How to team up: great question?

How to team up? Great question. Culture matters, size matters, capacity and capability matters. As we look at the different services that we provide, we have identified the target market. As I always say “no one can do it alone.” I don’t care how big, talented or diverse we are. We need each other to accomplish big and great things. Find your nitch in your business. What do I mean by that? It’s the places where you are unique. For example, I wear size 4 clothing. I go to the parts of my city and the cities where I travel where the density of the population wear sizes 8 and up. That allows me to always buy my clothes on sale. The same goes for my business. There is a demand for minority, diversity and inclusion in the construction and supply chain in all county, city, state and federal projects. I choose, based on the makeup of my company, to target my clients by that needed criteria. And there are many reasons why. The rules and regulations are in place, the demand is there and the support to the structure is there. As a business developer I take a close look at the culture of different companies. Some are open to new, diverse and demographically different companies. Some only work with the same people that they know, like and trust. Others do the minimum in participation of diversity because of rooted belief systems. Once you know these qualities, you must research who the client that you are trying to target works with on a preferred basis. How do we approach these prime companies? -by honestly offering your services according to your capacities. Being a black or brown company owner is not enough. That program was created to create opportunities. Nevertheless, the quality of your services is what will speak for you and keep you in the services conversation.